The first forty years

BESTPROJEKT Ltd., Bureau of Energy and Mechanical Engineering, emerged as the 40% legal successor of MASHINOPROJEKT, Zagreb, and has continued to operate one of the largest design bureaus ever since the 1950s. Today, BESTPROJEKT d.o.o. is a family company and owner of a stake in the Construction and Architectural Bureau MASINOPROJEKT-GAB from Zagreb, and is, one of the top designing and construction consultants. Our main activity is designing, supervising and consulting in the field of mechanical installations, process, and energy industry, as well as production of environmental studies and documentation for the inspection of pressure vessels.
We have been in business for thirty years on address Brothers Domany 8 in Zagreb. We moved on 01.01.2009. into a new, modernly decorated and equipped space in the ELUSAR office building in Petrovaradinska 7/7, along Zagreb Avenue in Zagreb, which allows us to operate in a more comfortable and quality way.
The company is currently employing eight employees, one of them with a secondary education degree and seven with a university degree.
Among them are four certified mechanical engineers, who are members of the Croatian Chamber of Mechanical Engineers. The work experience of employees ranges from two to thirty-five years, and includes work in the design, communal infrastructure of various types of energy, business and residential buildings, shopping centers, factories, hotels, banks, hospitals, ironworks, textiles and metal processing.
With expertise, knowledge and years of experience for over half a century, our company has achieved numerous business results; locally, nationally and internationally. We also encourage the transfer of knowledge and experience from senior to younger colleagues, which results in daily advancement and opening of new business perspectives for our employees, and the overall, business of the company.
Our company references include working with small and medium entrepreneurs,
multinational companies, and government institutions, and guarantee our current and future partners superior service quality, maximum accountability, and deadlines.