Energy and the environment

Energy is an unbreakable bond between nature and man. By taking care of nature, we take care of ourselves. Energy efficiency projects aimed at reducing fossil fuel consumption, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, maximizing the use of renewable energy potential, are fundamental determinants of the present and future development of the company.
The complete professional and technical education of our employees is directed accordingly. New technologies and new knowledge are our motivation and the basis for further advancement of the company.
However, technical solutions, without financial and economic analysis, are not a complete solution, and we realized this through the development of energy efficiency projects, and in particular, through ESCO projects. It is this link between economics and technology, that is our greatest asset, and enables us to participate in complex investment projects, where we are also required to undertake an economic analysis of the applied technical solution, for the preparation of financial studies.
Over the last 6-7 years, business experience and the need for energy efficiency projects, has raised Bestprojekt to one of the leading companies in the field of thermal power system designing in the Republic of Croatia. From this point of view, we are recognized by manufacturers of equipment or technology, such as GE JENBACHER, THERMAX, DURR CYPLAN, THERMECO, VIESSMANN … Our projects also allow the maximum involvement of domestic manufacturers in the designing of the subject facilities, which certainly contributes to the participation and education of local workers.
Future development in energetics , must be, in any case, focused on the utilization of biomass waste energy (MSW, RDF, SRF ..), which is not a problem for us, but a huge potential and this will be our guiding principle in the coming period. Natural biomass is an exhaustive material, but waste is an inexhaustible source as a product of a lifestyle that inevitably surrounds us, and constantly warns us of the need to solve this great problem.
Given that within the scope of our projects, we have references in the fields of trigeneration, cogeneration, biogas plants, biomass plants, use of gas cogeneration turbines, CO2 heat pumps, CNG & LNG plants, we are convinced that only such an approach, where there is no limit to the application of the technical solutions, can lead to constant improvement and improvement of our service, and motivation of our own people.